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Synergy provides high-quality mental health care rooted in science, compassion, and heart for adults and couples – making you feel welcomed, understood, accepted, and empowered on the path to a life of fulfillment.

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If you are coping with a loss; going through a transition; struggling with addiction; living with stress, depression, anxiety, or trauma; or simply want to experience more joy in your life, we can help. We are your trusted confidant and seek to engage in meaningful and collaborative therapeutic techniques with you to create real change. Through discussion, reflection, enhanced self-awareness, and the development of practical skills, you can become your most authentic self. 

Serving Cochrane and Calgary, the following therapeutic approaches are offered:

  • Psychotherapy 
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for the treatment of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, panic disorders, and more.
  • Somatic Therapy for the treatment of PTSD and other mental and emotional health issues.
  • Mindfulness-Based Interventions
  • Meditation Practices
  • Body-Focused Therapy 
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples
Adult Counselling in Calgary and Cochrane
adult psychology cochrane and calgary

“Life consists of complex relationships, and anything communicates. The body and our organs speak. The wind murmurs, the ocean roars, the mountains tell their stories, trees and flowers whisper, and animals talk to us. Stars, suns, cosmic winds, and galaxies communicate, as well as planets and the land under our feet.”  – Annemieke Aardoom 

Body-focused therapy

Body-Focused Therapy

The body is an important part of us but is often ignored as we reside in the realms of the thinking mind. The mind constitutes only half of us.

working with inner child

Working with the Inner Child

Working with the inner child is a way to access the unconscious self. The inner child is our innermost, vulnerable self.

The Heart and Heart Meditation

The Heart and Heart Meditation

The physical heart has its own intelligence and approximately 40,000 neurons. The heart plays an important role in the communication network

Mindfulness Mind, Heart, and Body Focused (1)

Mindfulness: Mind, Heart, and Body Focused

Our lives are busy and there are many distractions. We are used to living in the virtual reality of our thinking minds, to one degree or another, and we go through life unconsciously.

Dream analysis

Dream Analysis

Dream analysis is a way of working with the unconscious. Dreams originate there and may have important content for us. Dreams may contain important messages: They may bring awareness to things just under the threshold of consciousness.

Couples counseling

Couples Counselling

Two unique worlds come together in a couple, and that can be the cause of some fireworks! We constitute worlds with past traumas, conditioning, and experiences that affect us in the present moment and our relationships.


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