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The Ayurvedic approach to healing presents an intricate and dynamic body of knowledge, which offers a comprehensive framework for managing a range of diseases and promoting a holistic state of well-being at the deepest level. 

With roots dating back over 5,000 years, Ayurvedic Medicine stands as one of the most ancient medical systems, distinguished by its emphasis on establishing harmony between an individual’s unique constitution and the natural rhythms of the world. 

Through a combination of manual therapies, nutritional interventions, lifestyle adjustments, and the use of time-honoured herbal medications and therapies, Ayurvedic Medicine aims to restore balance to the elemental forces within the body, leading to overall wellness. 

Empirical evidence supports the efficacy of Ayurvedic treatments in improving various conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, Type 2 diabetes, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and other health concerns.

Ayurveda Treatment Clinic Cochrane &Calgary


Indian Head Massage

Our Indian Head Massage therapy is a transformative experience that holistically addresses physical, emotional, and energetic imbalances. This time-honoured practice offers a multitude of benefits, including relief from headaches, stress, insomnia, “computer shoulders,” and depression. Our skilled practitioners incorporate wild-crafted organic Ayurvedic oils, renowned for their restorative properties and traditionally used to nourish the scalp, address hair loss and dryness, and alleviate stress. Join us and indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience, as we help you attain a sense of profound calm and inner harmony.

Ayurveda Treatment Cochrane &Calgary

Traditional Ayurvedic Massage

Experience the rejuvenating effects of Abhangya – a classical Ayurvedic therapy designed to promote harmony between the body and mind. This ancient technique involves gentle yet effective strokes that alleviate muscular tension, improve joint mobility, and induce deep relaxation. The therapeutic benefits of Abhyanga extend beyond the physical realm, as it also reduces lymphatic congestion and imparts a profound sense of well-being. Widely recognized as a preoperative procedure for detox therapies, this rich and immersive massage experience has been supported by clinical evidence, demonstrating its efficacy in reducing stress, improving the autonomic nervous system, lowering blood pressure, enhancing skin health, reducing muscle stiffness, and promoting lymphatic drainage. Step into our tranquil oasis and discover the transformative power of Abhangya today in Cochrane, Alberta.


Experience the soothing and revitalizing effects of Ayurvedic Poultice Massage, an ancient healing technique that harnesses the power of natural herbs and essential oils to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. Our skilled practitioners use a warm herbal poultice filled with therapeutic herbs, such as ginger, turmeric, and lemongrass, to gently massage the body, releasing deep-seated tension and enhancing circulation. The healing properties of the poultice penetrate deep into the skin, nourishing the body and calming the mind. This Ayurvedic massage is particularly effective in addressing chronic pain, inflammation, and stress-related ailments, leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and renewed.


Experience the transformative effects of Auriculotherapy, a holistic healing modality that harnesses the power of the ear to promote physical and emotional wellness. Our skilled practitioners use fine needles, acupressure, or magnets to stimulate specific points on the ear, corresponding to various organs and body systems. By activating these points, Auriculotherapy works to balance the body’s energy flow, reduce pain and inflammation, and promote a sense of calm and relaxation. This natural and non-invasive technique has been shown to be effective in treating a variety of conditions, including anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and more. Whether you are seeking to enhance your overall health or alleviate specific health concerns, Auriculotherapy can help you achieve your goals. Come and experience the transformative benefits of Auriculotherapy at Synergy. 

Ayurveda treatment offers a rich and dynamic body of knowledge, providing comprehensive disease management and supports holistic wellnesses on a deep level. Its roots date back to over 5000 years in India.
Ayurvedic medicine treatment is distinct in that it focuses on harmonizing the unique constitution of an individual with the natural rhythms of our world. Utilizing nutrition, lifestyle, herbal medications and time-tested therapies, it brings the elements back into balance within the body, creating total wellness.

Every treatment is custom-made according to your constitution of body and mind.


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Every treatment is custom-made according to your constitution of body and mind.

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