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We seek to design a child-therapist relationship to assess and address the needs of the child. We believe children have a strong mind and body connection, which has a significant impact on their perspective and their ability to regulate their emotions. As research shows, strong emotional regulation abilities enhance overall well-being and performance and are essential for optimal mental health.  A child’s emotional awareness and regulation skills have an impact on how they perceive and process emotions and experiences. We believe in supporting children through ‘a birds-eye view’ which allows us the opportunity to look from a ‘child’s mind perspective’. Child counselling requires the psychologist to use specialized skills in gaining this perspective, which then is used to address the needs of the child through a tailored approach. 

In child counseling, parent(s) is required to attend the intake individually and sessions continue between therapist-child thereafter. A parent-therapist session may be requested moving forward if needed. 


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