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Couples Counselling

Two unique worlds come together in a couple, and that can be the cause of some fireworks! We constitute worlds with past traumas, conditioning, and experiences that affect us in the present moment and our relationships.

Here are some of the elements we will be exploring, depending on what is happening in the relationship:

  • Our pasts to see how they affect our current relationships.
  • The image we project onto the other, a projection which originates in our own unconscious. The image may be that of the parent, a complementary or disowned self we seek, or a spiritual wholeness. The goal is to be mindful of and understand this and begin to work with reality.
  • Learning to express needs and desires.
  • Becoming mindful of how we communicate and to learn effective communication. We will also look at communication about communication.
  • Expectations and how this causes miscommunication.
  • Your love language and how you express appreciation to see if that matches up with your partner’s language and needs.
  • Our reactive communication strategies and to shift to an effective one.
  • What behaviors destroy a relationship.
  • Space in the relationship, as well as the commitment to spending time together.
  • Identifying when a need or desire is appropriate or not. Identifying when individual therapy is required.


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