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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a patient-centered, evidence-based approach that empowers patients and practitioners to collaborate in achieving optimal health.

Addressing the root, rather than symptoms, is the essence of Functional Medicine.  One condition may have many different causes and one cause, many different effects.

Functional Medicine in clinical practice integrates cutting-edge medical research with an individualized approach to care.  Each patient’s life experiences, genetic makeup, environmental exposures, and lifestyle factors are considered from a systems biology perspective. What is ailing someone at a physical level is often only a symptom of something much deeper. As a result, Synergy strives to intervene at multiple levels to correct core clinical imbalances. This addresses the body and mind and spirit, and emotions that are equally essential in the quest for optimal health and wellness.

A multifaceted program will be developed specifically for each patient, with personalized nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, customized nutritional supplements, stress management techniques, assistance with detoxification, lifestyle modification, and – when necessary – prescription medications, all used to help restore proper function and balance.

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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is a science-based systems biology approach to health. We integrate the patient presentation into a whole. It is an individualized approach, and I look at the variety of reasons a patient might be expressing symptoms. Your medical history is taken with a lot of time spent on the details. These reveal the nuggets I need to piece together the puzzle. Your tests will include stool for the microbiome, toxicology, hormones, and nutritional status. From these tests, we can reveal the underlying or root cause for the symptoms.

In conventional medicine, we wait for the patient to become sick and then typically give them medication to lessen the symptoms. The underlying cause is not revealed.

There are many aspects of the modern world that actively undermine our health. The glyphosate we spray on our food is carcinogenic and damages the micro-organisms in the gut. Most of the food that we eat is from a narrow range of plants and is highly processed. As a result, we are eating foods that lack the nutrient density our bodies are expecting.

We are exposed to many novel man-made toxins as a result of industry. Although toxicologists may dismiss the small amounts, it is their combination which additively contributes to the problem.

Once we have figured out the underlying causes, we can begin a plan of treatment. We use pharmaceutical grade supplements and encourage lifestyle changes to undo the upstream causes.

We can make many symptoms diminish or go away with this approach. Often I am able to take away medication that is no longer required.

Dr. Cathryn Zapf (February 2021 )

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