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Home-Based Package

Struggling with certain behaviours and sick of hearing your own voice over and over at home? This real-life opportunity could benefit you. 

We understand that behaviours at home can look totally different from behaviours out in the community; it is common for children to behave differently when they are home in their comfort zone, which is most likely when resistance and emotional meltdowns occur. While children’s bodies and minds are working hard to develop emotional regulation abilities, home is their safe zone to let it all out. Therefore, as parents, we get the brunt of the emotional collapse. 

This Home-Based Package includes an intake session, home observation, follow-up counselling session and take-away session to support your family with the resources and tools needed to support everyone in the home. For example, if the morning routine is difficult, then a morning observation will be scheduled. This can be tailored to after school, bedtime, supper/dinner, etc. Many families find this unique experience helpful as it grants tools that can be utilized long term in real-life.


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