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An Evidenced-Based Approach

Clinical hypnosis is an altered state of awareness, perception or consciousness that is used by licensed and trained doctors and/or certified mental health professionals, for treating a psychological or physical problem in people of all ages. It is a highly relaxed state that allows clients to develop powerful personal resources that can be purposefully directed towards achieving their therapeutic goals. 

Hypnosis is a state of inner absorption, concentration, and focused attention. 

The altered consciousness-state allows for patients to view situations, feelings, and events in a different light i.e., relationship issues, work conflicts, unhealthy habits and even chronic pain.


Depending on the goals, various applications of hypnosis techniques can be applied:

Medical Hypnosis


Hypnotherapy can facilitate changes in a wide range of conditions, issues, and unhealthy behaviours, such as:

Other Services


Hypnotherapy for Children

Hypnotherapy has been recognized to be an effective and evidence-based treatment for adults for many years.


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