Ketamine-Assisted Therapy

Ketamine has the potential to be the catalyst for a profound breakthrough in your healing journey.

We understand that lasting change requires more than just a catalyst. That’s why we combine ketamine with psychotherapy, providing you with a holistic approach to mental health treatment that addresses both the physical and emotional components of your wellbeing. With our comprehensive approach, you can achieve long-term healing and transformation.

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a synthetic pharmaceutical compound approved by the FDA over 50 years ago. Ketamine is classified as a dissociative anesthetic and holds some psychedelic properties. Ketamine is widely used in modern emergency and veterinary medicine. Over the past 20 years ‘off-label’ clinical ketamine usage has been steadily increasing for various health related conditions such as depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, complex trauma, post-traumatic stress, chronic pain, compulsions, eating disorders and suicidality. Ketamine is considered a safe and effective treatment option for many people.


Naomi 'Kavita' Teevens

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