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Supported by clinical research, cannabinoids have been found to provide relief from symptoms including:

Acute and Chronic Pain

There is increasing evidence that medical cannabis effectively treats and prevents chronic migraines, rivaling the efficacy of first-line medications.  

The therapeutic application of medical cannabis differs from recreational use in the objective approach and method of administration. Specific formulations and routes of delivery are selected to provide relief while avoiding side effects. For example, cannabis can be ingested as an extracted oil composed primarily of CBD (cannabidiol) rather than THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This treatment would enable a patient to enjoy the relief of inflammation without the psychoactive effect or ‘high.’ Furthermore, inhalation is not required, and the relief is long-lasting.  

Medical Cannabis can be harvested from plants of distinct strains containing unique profiles of aromatic oils or terpenes that confer specific synergistic benefits. While some strains are sedating, others can be invigorating. Medical Research is supporting a broad range of novel applications. While some terpenes have been found to reduce anxiety, others may assist in abstaining from alcohol or aid in suppressing appetite.  

At Synergy Collaborative Health, we are pleased to offer this time-honored yet emerging cannabis therapy that resonates with our dedication to
Care, Comfort and Cure.’


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