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Ophthalmologists are surgeons and specialists in eye disease that assess and monitor the health of the eye. They have completed medical school at an accredited university, as well as a residency in medical and surgical eye care in an accredited learning hospital. They are secondary-level healthcare providers and are often referred to by your family physician, although you can also self-refer. Dr. Khosla’s services are covered by Alberta Health Care.

The following services are offered at
Synergy Collaborative Health in Cochrane

Eye Diagnostics

We can perform a variety of tests to protect you from harmful eye disorders.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Full exams are offered including clinical examination & diagnostic tests.

In Office Minor Procedures

Sometimes minor operative procedures must be done to correct eye problems and prevent further health issues.

On-Site Surgical Consults

Surgical consults can be completed by Cochrane eye surgeons right at Synergy.

Eye Screening for Children

A newborn’s vision is mostly blurry, but the visual system develops over time and is fully formed in early adolescent years. Learn how to protect your child’s vision with regular eye screenings as they grow.

Eye Disease
Screening at 40

Get screened for eye diseases before you have any symptoms.


Pre- and post-operative cataract management.

Glaucoma Prevention
and Treatment

Glaucoma has been known as the ‘silent thief’; it takes away your peripheral vision ultimately resulting in blindness. Early detection is key to preserve your sight.

Medical Retinal

We offer early detection, monitoring and management of retinal conditions with advanced diagnostic technology.

Diabetic Eye Care

Diabetes is a disease that affects the body’s ability to produce or use insulin effectively to control glucose levels. Too much glucose in the blood for an extended amount of time can cause damage in many parts of the body, including the innermost portion of the eye (retina) and is a high-risk factor for glaucoma and cataracts. Regular checkups for Diabetic patients are highly recommended.

Ocular and Visual Migraine

Certain migraine subtypes may occur with or without any accompanying head pain, but a patient can experience a wide range of visual symptoms. Eye check ups  available for ocular migraines (flashing simmering lights, zig-zag lines or stars).

Caring For Your Vision

Beyond providing high-quality services, Dr. Khosla seeks to educate all of his patients on how to take care of the eyes and vision at every stage of life. 

Infants, Children & Adolescents. To protect your child’s eyes and vision as they grow, it is highly recommended to begin scheduling regular vision screenings throughout your child’s development. Starting these checkups at a young age is the most effective way of tracking your child’s progress and detecting any potential vision problems from an early stage.

Young Adults. For most young adults, following a healthy and balanced diet while maintaining regularly scheduled eye appointments can help them stay at the forefront of their personal eye health. 

Adults (40-60). At this point, people become more susceptible to eye problems, making eye checkups that much more critical. Some vision problems develop without any immediate symptoms, which is why a baseline eye examination around the time that you turn forty helps by giving your ophthalmologist the information required to monitor your vision as you continue to the next stage of life. 

Adults (60+). At this age, vision screenings become critical. Regular appointments with Dr. Khosla will allow you to identify specific vision problems and help you stay updated with your treatment options. With Synergy, you will receive customized advice on how to care for your eyesight. As a valued patient, you will learn tips based on personal eye health on how to maintain vision in the long-term.


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