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We understand and can relate to the stress and chaos of what life throws at you during this parenting journey. Each parent grew up in different houses, with different rules and expectations, and has different views of what parenting would be like. Let’s face it: Not many of us out there ended up with that picture-perfect family we once dreamed of having by the age of 30…..And that is okay. Moreover, many of us were focusing on our relationships, careers, and school along with having fun before having children, which doesn’t make a lot of time for couples to discuss family differences. Long story short, parenting can be hard on a good day, but the years are short and pass by fast. Our goal is to increase the connection between parents by focusing on their strengths and decreasing gaps between parenting styles. Research continues to emphasize the importance of parents being on the same page to set up children for success.


Jan Joubert

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