Plexr Plus®

Transform your skin with plexr, the innovative and non-invasive treatment that delivers remarkable results with minimal downtime and without surgery

Main Applications

  • Non-surgical blepharoplasty (non-surgical eyelid lift)
  • Wrinkle and Rhytides
  • Benign Skin Lesions
  • Removal of keloids, xanthelasmas, keratosis
  • Active acne treatment
  • Scarring

Introducing Plexr Plus®: A Non-Surgical Solution for Various Issues

Experience the remarkable benefits of Plexr Plus® (or plasma soft surgery), the revolutionary treatment that eliminates the need for surgical procedures. Unlike traditional methods, Plexr Plus® does not require general anesthesia and the downtime is much shorter, allowing for a quicker and smoother recovery process.

We are proud to announce that Plexr Plus® is the FIRST fully licensed plasma technology to make its mark in Canada. With its registration by Health Canada, Plexr Plus® is now available to transform lives and provide effective solutions to various concerns.

Experience the future of non-surgical treatments with Plexr Plus®. Say goodbye to invasive surgeries and lengthy recovery times – it’s time to embrace a safer and faster alternative.

How it Works

Plexr Plus® is a device that ionizes the air present between the tip and the epidermis, thus generating a micro-plasma beam. The treatment uses plasma – the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid and gas- and is performed using a wireless handheld device. The technology is very precise so specific areas like the eyelids can be treated without touching or harming the skin (dermis), but only the superficial epidermis.

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