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Postpartum/Baby Blues Counselling

Becoming a mom/dad is nothing short of amazing but comes with its own challenges. It is normal for both, Moms and Dads, to feel the emotional ups and downs after a new baby or family member arrives. After a long-anticipated wait, there comes increased demands, transitions, and changes overnight. After birth, both parents can experience feelings of anxiousness and depression, aka ‘experiencing the baby blues.’ It is common to experience excessive worry about yourself or the baby, self-doubt related to parenting, feeling overwhelmed, insomnia, irritability, and frightening impulsive thoughts. 

No new mom is immune to sleepless nights, hormone swings and lifestyle changes. Research shows that approximately 23% of mothers are affected by postpartum depression. From a clinical lens, the baby blues are expected to last up to 6 weeks, beyond that is considered postpartum depression. While this is common and treatable, we encourage you to avoid going through feelings of darkness and isolation alone. Allow us to embrace and support you on this journey.


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