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Why Psychedelics?

“Psychedelics prove to you that there’s more than one way of seeing the world” – Jesse Lawler

The term psychedelic comes from Greek words meaning mind-revealing. Think of it as a spotlight, shining a light on hidden corners of your mind. Explore the wonders and mysteries within, and discover new avenues for healing and understanding with psychedelic-assisted therapies. 

Psychedelics, encompassing compounds such as psilocybin (commonly referred to as ‘magic mushrooms’), MDMA, and ketamine, are psychoactive substances that influence perception, mood, and cognitive processes. Notably, in controlled clinical environments, these substances have demonstrated remarkable therapeutic potential, providing profound insights and effective approaches to manage various mental health conditions.

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

Here's how psychedelic-assisted therapies can reshape your healing journey:

Experience a holistic and rejuvenated perspective on mental health, distinct from traditional approaches.

For those facing ongoing depression, psychedelic-assisted therapy is a scientifically supported option that shows real promise. This approach works at a deep brain level, helping to ease the heavy feelings of depression and renew a sense of balance and emotional wellness.

Experiencing recurrent traumatic memories can have debilitating effects. Evidence-based research on psychedelics suggests a promising approach to mitigating the effects of trauma, facilitating a path towards comprehensive healing and recovery.

For those constantly battling anxiety, psychedelic-assisted therapy offers a way out. Supported by research, it’s shown to stimulate new neural pathways, providing fresh perspectives and tools to handle various anxiety challenges, leading to a calmer and more centered mindset.

Utilizing cutting-edge research, psychedelic-assisted therapy can modulate neural pathways associated with pain perception, offering a scientifically-backed approach to potentially reduce chronic pain and enhance overall well-being.

For individuals seeking a deeper understanding and connection to their core being, psychedelic-assisted therapy can provide profound spiritual insights, fostering a journey of introspection and personal development.

The Science Behind the Transformation:

Our approach blends ancient wisdom with cutting-edge research. The resurgence of interest in psychedelic therapy is not without reason. Rigorous clinical studies have revealed the therapeutic potential of these substances, including:

Psychedelics stimulate the brain, promoting the formation of beneficial neural pathways.

Foster enhanced connectivity between previously isolated brain regions.

Allows a broader view of the self and the world by temporarily dissolving entrenched self-constructs.

A controlled setting to address and integrate deep-seated emotions and memories.

Catalyzing therapeutic introspection with heightened self-awareness.

Ensuring safety and efficacy with administration under medical professionals.

Promising outcomes for conditions like treatment-resistant depression and complex PTSD.

Harness the robust medical potential of psychedelics. Dive into a scientifically-grounded therapeutic experience with our dedicated team at Synergy in Cochrane, Alberta.

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Self Referral

Synergy provides a safe, supportive environment for individuals to explore the potential benefits of psychedelic-assisted therapy…

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Ketamine-Assisted Therapy

We understand that lasting change requires more than just a catalyst. That’s why we combine ketamine with psychotherapy…

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Psychedelic 'On-Location' Treatment (POLT) Program

Patients approaching end-of-life may receive special treatment exemptions though the psychedelic ‘on-location’ treatments (POLT)

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Synergy Psychedelic Team

Welcome to our collaborative group of highly trained healthcare professionals who are dedicated to providing cutting-edge psychedelic-assisted therapy.

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Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy at Synergy

Our clinical focus encompasses a range of conditions, including depression, anxiety, substance dependency, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), eating disorders, and chronic pain.

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