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Synergy Collaborative Health stands at the forefront of cutting-edge therapeutic interventions, emphasizing the structured and medical use of agents such as ketamine, psilocybin (often termed as ‘magic mushrooms’), and MDMA. Administered under rigorous clinical protocols and expert supervision, these substances facilitate therapeutic altered states of consciousness, enabling patients to access, confront, and process deeply entrenched emotions and experiences.

Our clinical focus encompasses a range of conditions, including depression, anxiety, substance dependency, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), eating disorders, and chronic pain. Our structured approach includes:

Individualized Treatment Protocols: Each patient’s mental health nuances are meticulously addressed, with treatment modalities tailored to ensure clinical resonance with individual needs.

Eligibility and Clinical Screening: Prior to initiating treatment, a comprehensive clinical assessment is conducted to determine a patient’s suitability, ensuring both safety and efficacy in therapeutic outcomes.

Phased Therapeutic Interventions: Our therapeutic process is separated  into distinct phases: initial preparation, supervised psychedelic administration, and post-session integration. Throughout this continuum, patients engage closely with our experienced therapists, facilitating the seamless transition of therapeutic insights into daily life modalities.


Located in Cochrane, Alberta, Synergy Collaborative Health is a beacon of clinical excellence in the realm of psychedelic medicine. Our team of healthcare specialists, underpinned by rigorous training and unwavering commitment, endeavors to harness the transformative potential of psychedelic agents in a controlled, clinical, and compassionate milieu. We extend an invitation to explore this pioneering domain of mental health intervention with us.


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