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Heart Meditation

The physical heart has its own intelligence and approximately 40,000 neurons. The heart plays an important role in the communication network that connects body, mind, emotions, and spirit. It affects perception, awareness, and intelligence.

At the center of our chest, the heart chakra stands. A chakra is a wheel of spiritual energy, and it represents a dimension or an aspect of the mind of God/higher consciousness. It is a specific way of interacting with and experiencing life. The chakra is a bridge between the tangible and intangible and it sends and receives energy. A duality of light and dark, the heart can express love, but also pain.

The Secret Chamber of the Heart is a chakra in the heart area. Here, we access our own higher consciousness and commune with a deep aspect of our being. This heart is wide open, clear, and filled with love and wisdom. It is never subject to our feelings or circumstances of life.

The sacred heart does not have a light and dark side. It does not have its own veils. Our own mind and pain can obscure this chakra, but this veil doesn’t originate here.

Heart Meditation is a way in which we can access the sacred heart.

We go to this place in the heart with our intention and attention. We can commune here, ask questions, or wait to receive what the heart brings us. We can explore challenges and receive insight, understanding, and realization. The heart may present us with the way forward, sometimes facilitated by imagery.

It is very important to commune with the heart. It has a different perspective on life and our challenges. It perceives life as whole, connected, and filled with love. The heart experience is holistic and includes the body. 

We can develop a relationship with the heart by meditating in the heart or focusing there in a variety of ways. The heart may give us imagery, direction, insight, and realization to help us move forward on the path of life.


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