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Weightboss for Life

Weightboss for Life is the culmination of cutting-edge research shedding light on why we gain weight, why we can’t lose it, and what we need to succeed.

This revolutionary system is more than a traditional weight loss program; but a profound education, therapy, and healing journey.

Conducted by specialized medical professionals, Weightboss is the synthesis and application of clinical evidence informing habit change, trauma resolution, hormone regulation and nutrition.

Weight release is achieved through a confluence of modalities, including cognitive behavioural therapy, clinical hypnosis, pharmacological agents, and lifestyle interventions. In parallel, the assessment and management of contributing medical issues can be pursued.

Components of Weightboss for Life


Essential to effective lifestyle intervention is an understanding of the physiology of ‘weight.’ Fundamental principles are imparted through educational sessions integrated seamlessly into the program that includes current information on the pillars of good health such as sleep, nutrition, exercise, and mental health.

Holistic Integrative Nutrition

Weightboss for Life offers a holistic nutritional perspective that focuses on bio-individuality. The most common thread observed among different dietary theories is the importance of high-quality, nutrient-dense food; the nutritional choices we make impact us more than a specific dietary theory. In this program, participants will learn to listen to their body and understand which foods best nourish, not just physical health, but what practices and behaviours will also nourish mental health. This will include education around craving behaviours, fats, sugars, and how food choices affect health and wellbeing.


Exploring and resolving our relationship with weight is at the heart of the program. Food is among our earliest needs, and weight among the most sensitive of subjects. Specific psychotherapeutic techniques such as clinical hypnotherapy and mindfulness are employed to bring healing to the deepest feelings behind behaviors such as self-sabotage, cravings, and denial.

Medical Supervision

As health professionals, Weightboss for Life works in partnership with a healthcare team to support each person in achieving their health and wellness goals, providing medical consultation when necessary. This can involve assessment for patients with obesity, type II diabetes, and other weight related diseases. Through addressing medical, lifestyle, and mental health-related concerns, this program aims to promote each participant to powerfully take charge of their health and vitality. This can involve cardiometabolic screening, medications, and more. 


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